A little about myself...My name is Dan Husum and I live near Placerville, California.

I have always been a creative person since childhood. Photography didn't come into my life until my early twenties. Landscapes were my first passion. I have always been drawn to the outdoors and exploring what mother nature has created off the beaten path. When it comes to exploring new things, I always leave no stone un-turned.

My photography style is always changing as I learn new techniques and face new challenges. One thing that has (and will) always stay the same is my "no stress" mentality. My career as a paramedic has allowed me to handle stressful situations better than most other photographers. This is extremely helpful, especially during weddings. 

When I am not enjoying photography I am a Paramedic and a supervisor for a private ambulance company in Sacramento. I have always enjoyed the experiences of seeing new places and meeting new people and learning their story.

I invite you to view my portfolio, visit the information pages, and if you have any questions contact me.


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