The Boudoir Experience

Every session includes

  • Retouched final images for review in an online gallery 
  • Styling and pre-planning tips for the best experience possible
  • Total session guidance from wardrobe input to guiding you through each pose

Premium and Deluxe packages also include:

  • Hair & Makeup:

I believe makeup and hair are an essential part of a successful boudoir session. My hand-picked makeup artists are professionally trained and I work with only the best in the area. They're also loads of fun - they’ll help you relax and make you feel pampered on the day of your shoot!


Before your shoot

I've learned lots of little tips and tricks along the way and I'll share them with you. 

I also recommend that clients do their own “homework.” Start a board on Pinterest with photos of clothing, makeup looks and a dozen or so poses that inspire you. You can share your board with me if you’d like (Dan Husum Photography ) – make your board private if your session is a secret! (You can share your secret board with me.)


Getting to know you

I get to know clients even better during the hour and a half or so it takes to do their makeup. We talk about what you've brought to wear, how to style it and what order to photograph your outfits in. In addition we get to know you - why are you having a session done and what makes you tick!

Some clients also like to chat by phone or meet in person before the day of their session. If you'd like to do that just say the word.


The day of your session

Are you nervous? Most clients are! They tell me they DON’T KNOW HOW TO POSE! (That’s by far the most common thing I hear!)  But please don’t worry – My wife and I will guide you through each pose and we are hear to make you comfortable and feel beautiful!

When you arrive for your session, you’ll get started with makeup and hair. We’ll provide you with a mimosa, throw on some fun music you love and the makeup artist will get to work!


During the shoot

My wife and I guide clients through all poses during their shoot. Please don’t feel like you need to know how to model. The women on my website are just like you and felt the same nerves and worries – but look at them – they look like they know what they’re doing, right? That will be you, too!

I will have certain poses in mind for your wardrobe and body type and I like to try new poses with each client. We’ll also refer to your inspiration photos if you bring them or to Pinterest. Don’t worry about posing or feeling “funny” – it becomes comfortable for most of my clients within five minutes of getting started! 

I play music and we chat between frames, too. It’s informal and fun. We end every session with a few frames of “white sheet” photos – these are implied nude shots of you in just white sheets. They’re sexy, subtle and I’ve never had a client who didn’t adore her white sheet photos.

Also – sessions are absolutely private. Your photos will not be shared anywhere without your explicit permission. 


After the shoot

Typically within a week after your shoot, I will send you a link to your online password-protected gallery to view your final images. You will also receive a USB drive with the High Resolution / Retouched images. If you’ve purchased other items such as an album, canvas or prints, we’ll go over your order together and you will see a proof before it's ordered. About a week later, your gorgeous purchases will arrive at your doorstep.